Monday, January 12, 2015

a slew of mermaids!

Hey folks! I've been drawin up a storm so it's time to do a lil art dump!
Here's the last two challenges for Scribble Nerds:

Last week was mermaids, and of course I couldn't draw just one:

super special birthday gift for fellow Scrabble Nard Dee Pio!
leopard shark, the cat of sharks!


This week is children's books and if you missed it, here's a throwback of Amelia Bedelia droppin the beat:

God I'm a terrible maid but these beats so FRESH

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

some Candy-Stein high school romance

Frankie and the Bride got some candylicious colorin' so feast your eyes monster lovers (and monsters in love)

also up for grabs on my Society 6!

Merry Christmas No-One! (plus 5th Element and Pie catchup!)




here bringin' you a little anti-holiday cheer for Krampus week!

and just to soften the blow, here's some catch up of challenges past

5th Element:

the 6th Element is threesomes

she says she's Dutch Apple but she dresses like French Silk

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Frankie and the Bride + first week of INKTOBER

This week on scribble nerds the challenge was classic monsters, so here's a little fluffy high school romance between everyone's favorite monster couple!

and now for some of what's been going on the first week of Inktober!

Hermione in the ADULT BOOKS
alien lady with some angel's trenchcoat

drinkndraw challenge was "fall" i can draw a dick for any occasion

sketchbook text

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Deadpool: Anti-Hero/Anti-Bully

So, I love Deadpool.

A LOT of people love Deadpool for a MULTITUDE of reasons. But the reason I love Deadpool, the reason I think despite his antihero status he represents this sticker just as well as any Avenger, is that at the heart of him is a guy that wants to see the good guys win. A guy with incredibly low self esteem and a lot of hidden vulnerability due to his abusive childhood and living with a disfiguring illness whose favorite hero is Spiderman. Who fanboys out at the chance to team up with the X-Men. Whose one true love is Bea friggin' Arthur.
He's got layers, and ones I think readers of all ages and especially bullied kids can identify with.

Also he breaks the fourth wall and that's, like, hella cool.


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Thursday, August 21, 2014

it's selfie week on Scribble Nerds!

hey everybody! new post up on Scribble Nerds and this week it's my challenge for self portraits! 

here's me being a colorful dork

an illustrated example

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Babs and Dinah

heeeey errybodddyyyy!

so the 75th Batman Anniversary at Carol and John's is coming up this saturday and I want you to be there! In addition to the Cleveland Sketchy I'll be hosting there'll also be awesome events, a documentary and an amazing art show put together by all around awesome dude Ryan Patrick Finley!

here's a preview of my piece for the show:

Babs and Dinah

come see it in all it's sweet papery glory and be sure to check out Scribble Nerds for more batman art!